This Is What Forward Motion Looks Like


It’s crashing down from your handstand… then deciding again that you are going to hold a goddamn handstand.

It’s finding yourself totally bad-mouthing that *bleeeeeeeeeeeeeeep*  who  *bleeeeeeeeeep bleep bleeeeeeeeeeeeeep*!!!!!!!…  then deciding again to quit gossiping.

It’s feeling like a slow, fat, weak blob of marshmallow fluff during your workout… then deciding again to go back to the gym.

It’s finding yourself in a mood so sour that your plant shrivels up when you walk by it… then waking up the next day and deciding again that you are going to be happier.

It’s letting him kiss your neck and whisper lies to you… then deciding again that you’re done with that bullshit.

It’s scrolling through Instagram for two hours… then deciding again not to waste so much time on social media.

For all my clients and friends who are wrestling with their demons: Know that just like washing your car, doing the dishes, scrubbing the bathroom, and mowing the lawn… self-improvement is a repeated action, not a one-time deal.  The grass grows back, the dishes get dirty, and YOU LAPSE IN YOUR JUDGMENT, DECISIONS AND WILLPOWER.  Honey, it’s ok.  

Decide again and again to keep moving forward.  One foot in front of the other.  Even if you’re in the dark.  Even if you’re falling down every few steps.  Even if you’re fucking crawling. 

The danger isn’t in falling down.  It’s in falling down and deciding you suck, then never getting back up.

Get up.  Go again.  You got this. ❤️


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