Personal Development: If You Take This On, You’re A Freaking Hero


So here are two things about Personal Development:

1) You’re never done. Until, well, you’re dead.

2) Failing, looking foolish, and getting hurt are inevitable.

Let me put this another way to try and make it sound better:

Um, Personal Development is a chore that never ends AND it’s definitely gonna hurt and make you look like an idiot.

Ok well that didn’t work. The personal development train just really doesn’t look too appealing at first glance. I know. So why even bother hopping on? Good question. Let’s try some reasons on and see how they feel…

Because you can’t stand the idea of keeping your jaw clenched shut for the next 60 years.

Because you don’t want to go through life hating your body and wishing it were different.

Because its weird that the biggest emotional rushes you ever get are from Netflix, not your love life.

Because the same old dramas with your friends and family never seem to go away.

Because if you look into your future, it appears depressingly similar to your past.

Because even though you’ve set up a pretty great life for yourself, you haven’t found what makes you truly, completely, ecstatically happy.

Because maybe you don’t even believe you can be truly, completely, ecstatically happy.

Good reasons, right? I bet you could even come up with more than that.

Now, there are many people for whom those reasons aren’t enough. They will remain stagnant, albeit “safe” for the duration of their lives. They won’t have to face their flaws, but they won’t get to face their beauty either. They won’t fall down, but they won’t fly. They won’t ruffle any feathers, but they’ll never be known for anything.

Alternately, there are people who have found all the reasons they need. They are ready. Ready to face their flaws, their fears, and even their finances (ha). They will learn. They will live and they will learn and they will learn and they will learn. And they won’t stop learning. That’s the process, you see, should you choose it. And there is bravery in choosing it. Like, sooooo much bravery. You will be a fucking hero because it requires blood, sweat, and oh, so many tears. But to me, it’s a worthy endeavor. Because even though “Fully Developed Human” is a destination at which you will never arrive, the journey towards it is unquestionably more amazing than anything Netflix has to offer you.


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