Peanut Butter Has No Calories.  And You’re Worthless.

If someone told you it was going to rain vodka tomorrow, you perhaps would question that statement.


If someone told you that snow boots are an excellent source of nutrition, you might question that statement as well.


You’re not that gullible, right???


What if someone told you you’re fat?  Would you believe THAT statement?

You’re fat.

You’re stupid.

You’re lazy.

It’s too risky.

It’s impossible.

You look miserable.

You’re making a mistake.

You’re throwing everything away.

You should watch your language.

We were meant to be together.

Life is all pain.

Divorce is a bad thing.

I have to go to church.

I have to eat salad.

It’s so unfair.

I’m worthless.


^^More statements.  Whether someone else is saying it or you are saying it to yourself, do you believe it? 


If you do, I feel it is my responsibility to tell you to quit being so fucking fricking fucking fricking fucking gullible. 


QUESTION what you hear and think.  You do this by replacing the  [.]  with a [?]


“I suck.”


“I suck?  …Really?  Do I really suck?  Or do I not suck?  Does that feel true too?  In what ways do I not suck?”


“She’s a bitch.”


“She’s a bitch?  …Really?  Or is she not a bitch?  Is that also true?”


“I can’t.”


“I can’t? …Or can I?”


Don’t be gullible.  Now I’m off to eat some peanut butter.  It has no calories.





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