Hi. I’m Kristen.

Perhaps peanut butter’s biggest fan. I am also reluctantly experienced in living an imperfect life. A few years ago, I hopped off the Traditional Bus (marriage, dependable career, financial stability, etc.) and began to build my own reality from scratch, without listening to anyone else’s opinion for once. I disappointed some people, and pissed some people off. I’ve fumbled my way through a divorce, some abusive relationships, disordered eating, anxiety, infidelity, depression, and rehashing of childhood traumas. But in doing so, I found my Thing (see below) and I found my people.

What is my Thing? You’re looking at it. Imperfect Edges was born out of the wrestling matches between what my heart wanted and what my brain thought was right and logical. Turns out, changing your life path is simple but not easy. I read a dump truck full of self-help books, attended many a seminar/retreat, and journaled a shit-ton of words. When I finally poked my head out from behind my mountain of personal development literature, I noticed that (derp) I wasn’t the only one uncomfortable and questioning. And through all my research, I had gained tools to help others work through this stuff. I used my love of writing and began a blog. Then I took it a step further and used my education experience to write and teach the curriculum you can sign up for here.

This is what lights me up. I love digging into the juicy stuff with people, and bringing them to the edges of all their glorious humanness, light and dark. My wish is that every one of us can get comfortable enough to face our shit and live our truths. Why? Because those who know and love themselves will be the ones who change the world for the better.

As far as credentials go, give me life experience over letters behind a name any day. But for those of you who are interested, here is what I look like on paper:

M.Ed., Curriculum and Instruction

B.A., Music Education

Certified Massage Therapist


Kerstin Ellis and Leah Reeb Varela at Hinge Studio Marketing & Communications

Jessica Neubert-Taylor at Jess Neubert Designs

Jessi Sawdon

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  1. I looooooove how you express your thoughts and experiences! I am so glad I took time to check out your blog!!! Keep em comin’!!!

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