Why You Need to Get the F Out of Your Comfort Zone

I am THE definitive creature of habit.  I love my routine.  Every morning after my usual 8 hours of beauty-sleep, I wake up at the same time, drink my coffee the same way, head to the same gym where I am familiar with the location of all the equipment I’ll need, eat the same protein-packed breakfast, go to work the same way, etc.  It is a happy, healthy pattern and I quite enjoy it.  Until it gets messed up.  THEN… watch out.

“WHAT!?!?!?  I am out of COFFEE?!?  Noooooooooo!!!!  There is absolutely NO OTHER WAY to get coffee this morning since there is none in my cabinet!!!!!”  *dies*

“F#@$%.  Someone is using the squat rack.  I was going to use the squat rack.  Goddammit, I had my whole workout planned in my head and now it’s RUINED!!!  I have NO IDEA what else I could do to train legs today.”  *faints on top of leg press*

“Road construction?  This is NOT acceptable.  Don’t the city planners realize that this is my EXACT route to work?  Uggggh now I have to GO AROUND THE BLOCK.  The injustice.”  *ponders driving off a cliff*

Can you see where I might have a problem?  We humans looooove to be in our comfort zones.  We wrap ourselves up in them like a big warm blanket.  And you know what?  That’s ok sometimes.  We need a safe, warm, happy place in which to recharge our batteries.  But it’s important to realize that you can’t get super far in life with a giant fluffy comforter draped around your body.  Sometimes you need to toss it to the ground, get out, and do something different.

SO, this week, in the spirit of self-improvement and new adventures and whatnot, I decided to totally halt my happy little routine and travel across the country for a business retreat.

Things I dealt with that were outside my “norm:”

  • Not sleeping. (Red eye flights always seem like a good idea… until you’re lying on an airport floor at 1am cursing your past self for booking that flight.)
  • Getting my picture taken.  (Professional photo shoot for this here website.  For the record, I am ridiculous at striking poses.)
  • Sharing a hotel room with a complete stranger. (Normally way not my thing.)
  • Dealing with humidity.  (I just walked across the room and I’m freaking sweating!?!?  WTF man?)
  • Tiny hotel gym.  (Seriously, no kettlebells?)
  • Not knowing where/when/what I was going to eat next.  (Finding protein is kind of a necessity for girls who lift.)
I was sweating again here. From humidity and feeling awkward.

^^How did all that work out?  Just fine.  I was able to catch up on sleep eventually.  My roommate was precious and inspiring and positive.  I didn’t melt from the humidity.  I figured out some workouts and always managed to find sufficient protein.  PLUS, I met some fantastic new friends, got new business inspiration, met one of my mentors, and experienced a part of the country I’d never seen before.  Totally worth it.  Totally awesome.

What were my takeaways?

  1. Really, all of my “problems” are completely first world problems.  None of them are life-threatening.  Perspective.
  2. The discomfort of unfamiliarity is short-lived.  Pretty soon I adjusted to the weather, my “stranger” roomie was no longer a stranger, and yeah-  I can form a kick-ass workout with nothing but a set of dumbbells.
  3. If you don’t DO anything different, you’ll never change!  Your circle will never widen, your wisdom won’t increase, your heap of experiences won’t pile up.
New friends. More than worth the lack of sleep.

My happy little comfort zone at home is nice, but I don’t really want “nice” all the time.  Adventure, novelty, experience, challenge… THAT is where growth happens.  

Remember this post about how you get what you give?  If you are willing to climb higher up the mountain, you will have a better view.  If you are willing to jump across more puddles, you will travel longer distances.  Simple logic.

I will end today’s post with this quote from Martha Beck: “If you want to keep your good memory, creativity, and analytical edge, keep putting yourself into situations that flummox you.”


Let me know how you’re doing with this!  What are your supposedly “non-negotiable” routines?  What do you do to bust out of them?  Can you find a reason to mix it up?


4 Replies to “Why You Need to Get the F Out of Your Comfort Zone”

  1. Wonderful wonderful! Sounds like a special, worthwhile week. Glad you’re coming home.

  2. I literally laughed out loud at times reading this! So glad you enjoyed your self and filled your cup back up!!! Cheers ❤️

    1. Haaaa, yessss! If we can’t laugh at our issues that’s a REAL problem!! Thanks Jodie

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