Loving After Heartbreak

Loving Smackdowns from the Universe, Part 1

I live with a man now. A kind, hard-working, smart, hilarious dreamer. Is it a coincidence that I pretty much stopped blogging as soon as we got serious? Absolutely not. I wish I could say that is because we have been too busy having hot sex and saving the world together. (Although there has been a lot of the first and we’re truly working on the second.) But that’s not why I stopped writing. 

I stopped writing because he shook. my. world. 

See, I was GOOD you guys. I was so, so good. Livin’ the single gal’s dream. Picked up the pieces after my divorce. Picked up more pieces after dating and sex and various short-term post-divorce relationships didn’t go so well. 🥴

I was working out daily, journaling, blogging, socializing, leading workshops, getting my finances in order, traveling, running my little business, learning to love myself, and was just — GOOD.


A perfectly imperfect man showed up to love me UP CLOSE. He was ready to go all in. It was confusing and terrifying. If you’ve ever had to start over in a relationship after getting your heart broken mashed shattered puree’d wrecked, you feel hard what I’m about to describe. Because I wasn’t actually GOOD. 

As soon as I thought about dipping my toe in the River of Starting to Love Again, everything from my past I’d worked so hard to bury came screaming back to the surface. Insecurity, lies, memories, manipulation, guilt, shame, hurt — ohhhhh the hurt. There it all was, not just for me to face but for another person to witness up close and personal. 

Um. Fuck.

The collage of fear going through my brain at that time is hard to put into words, but I’ll give it a try. Imagine a non-stop loop of the following:

“He is amazing but it’s too good to be true.”

“There has got to be a lie here somewhere.”

“I don’t know how to do this the right way.”

“I just realized I have no idea how to communicate my feelings.”

“I know. I’ll get some Mace.” (I actually did, btw.)

I was sitting on pins and needles waiting not just for him to hurt me, but for me to hurt him. I trusted no one, not even myself. And I tried everything to get him to break. I gave him the silent treatment. I acted disinterested. I sat him down and told him every horrible thing I’d ever done. 

A man less persistent would have left early on. I’m glad he didn’t. He was patient and kind. Let me cry. Let me rage. Let me accuse him of things he didn’t do. Let me rip into him for tiny issues. Let me verbally process my past. Let me feel every damn emotion I had ever been ashamed of. It was messy. I was messy. It shook me to my core.

And it was medicine, pure medicine, to be witnessed 100% naked, for the first time ever. He saw all of me and didn’t want to change a thing.

Woah. Is this love? Yes, Sweetheart. This is Love.

“Why do you even want to be with me???” I would question. But the truth is, that is none of my business. He wants to be with me. He’s proved it over and over and over again. Who am I to ask why?

Now, I converse with so many people who have had their hearts broken and who have broken someone else’s heart (two sides of the same painful coin, I’ve learned). They are scared to move on. They are scared to lose control. They are scared to be seen. They are scared they won’t notice red flags. They are scared they will see red flags when there aren’t any. 

All I can say is I was scared too. And a lot of those things I was scared of happened. And because the things happened, I learned. I learned to trust again. I learned what “yes” and “no” feel like in my body. I learned that I can look into a lover’s eyes and see the truth. I learned that I am worthy. I learned that you can’t plan out your love life step by step. I learned that avoiding pain is missing out on pleasure too.

Now if you’re wondering how on earth I found a man like that, rest easy. I didn’t actually do anything to go find him. I mostly nerded out by myself reading personal development books and going to the gym. I was doing my thing, and when it was time for us to meet, we met.

So there you have it. It feels good to be putting this all out here on the blog. I haven’t written in a long time as a service to myself. I’ve been learning to love — not even again — Learning to love for the first time. Without fear, without justification, without conditions. And I just couldn’t write about it all “out loud.” Just like you don’t serve a cake that’s half-baked, I don’t like to put things out in the world while they’re still processing. Stuff that is unprocessed is very tender and it’s too easy for tender things to get broken again.

Thank you for being here. I look forward to writing more with this gift of time.

My prayer for all of the planet right now, borrowed from The Loving-Kindness Meditation:

May you be well. May you be happy. May you be free from suffering.

Stay tuned for Bitch Slaps of Kindness, Part 2 😁

My Crystal Ball Sucks (Blogaversary Post)

Announce to your friends/family/houseplant that you are going to do something (quit your job, start working out, move away, learn a concerto, go back to school, start a business, travel the world, write a book, sing Rolling In the Deep at karaoke night) and the reactions will be varied:

“That’s a cute dream honey.  Hope it works out for you.”

“Welp, you’re either brave or stupid!”

“Oh that’s WONDERFUL!  You’re so amazing!  C’mere and gimme a high five!”

“Uhhh… how you gonna make money doing that?”

“Pssh.  Must be nice to have that kind of time.  Lucky.”

Make the same announcement to yourSELF and you can count on equally varied reactions:

[says to mirror:]

“YES.  Let’s fucking do this.”

“Ohhhhh shitshitshitshitshit I take it back I don’t wanna do it anymore!”

“BEST decision I ever made!”

“WORST decision I ever made!”

“Am I brave?  Am I stupid?  I don’t even know – I’m just gonna have some peanut butter and hide under this blanket.”

We’re all (you + me + everyone else) a little bit clueless about what will happen when you go with your gut. 

We don’t know whether you will be successful or not.  We don’t know if you are insane or a genius.  We don’t know if you’re following your heart or other humans.  We don’t know if you’ll make money or lose money.  We don’t know if people will agree or disagree.  We don’t know if it will go down smooth or burn like hell.  We don’t know if spectators will throw flowers or tomatoes at you.  We just don’t know.

Take this blog for example. When I started it, I couldn’t articulate exactly why.  In fact, I could see lots of reasons NOT to do it.  The only reason I had to DO it was that I wanted to.  I didn’t foresee that putting words to my thoughts would cause me to

get the crazy idea for my first event or

look at life through a whole new set of goggles or

start wading through all my own shit or

connect with people all over the planet or

realize how quick I am to blame others or

see that there are no bad humans

 (Clearly you interact with me at your own risk.  If our paths cross, you’re fair game for overanalysis.)

I have moments of apathy.  Moments of stress.  Moments of fear.  Moments of doubt.  Moments of annoyance.  But they are just moments, and as all moments do, they pass.  And then I’m left with this …thing… that I’ve created, that I love, that I’m excited about, and that I’m sure as hell glad I started even though I couldn’t predict its trajectory.

Sept. 2014. This is what it looks like when my gut talks to me.

So, regarding uncertainty:  Unless you have a crystal ball that works way better than mine, there is no way to be sure of how things will turn out when those sparks catch fire.  But guess what?  YOU CAN HANDLE WHATEVER HAPPENS LIKE A BOSS.  Don’t get too attached to how things “should” end up.  Work hard, be kind, and stick with your gut, regardless of what people (you included) say.  Usually, reality turns out much better than you ever could have mapped out in your iCal anyway.  ❤️


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