Judgment is Heavy; Let It Go

Some mornings you get yourself out the door efficiently and immaculately.  Other mornings you are running around simultaneously brushing your teeth, cursing, and trying to find your car keys.  It doesn’t mean you’re a crazy person.

Some days you fit fabulously into your jeans.  Other days you are doing the “squat and stretch” just so you can move in them.  It doesn’t mean you aren’t gorgeous.

Some days you throw those kettlebells around like nobody’s business.  Other days they weigh a freaking ton.  It doesn’t mean you’re not strong.

Sometimes you are pulling.  Sometimes you are being pulled.  It doesn’t mean you’re not important to your team on that tug-o-war rope.

Some days your phone rings, beeps, and vibrates all day.  Other days it is so silent you’re sure you accidentally shut it off.  It doesn’t mean you are alone.

Sometimes you are poised and graceful.  Other times you faceplant going up the stairs and everyone sees it.  It doesn’t mean you aren’t awesome.

Some days you sit down at your computer and the words pour from your fingertips.  Other days you stare blankly at the blinking cursor.  It doesn’t mean you have nothing to say.

Sometimes you feel full of compassion and kindness for those around you.  Sometimes you snap at your friends and family.  It doesn’t mean you aren’t a loving being.

Some days you feel like a ?.  Sometimes you feel like ?.  It doesn’t mean you are not valuable.


We human creatures tend to attach meaning to everything that happens.  What if, instead, we simply chose to accept?  Accept ourselves, others, reality… without judgment.  See, it’s in our interpretation of what happens that we become weighed down and heavy with suffering.

  • I hurt someone’s feelings. >> [I am a horrible person.]
  • My car was broken into.  >> [Everyone is dishonest.]
  • She was late.  >> [She is disrespectful.]
  • He told a lie. >> [I can trust no one.]
  • I am carrying extra body fat. >> [I am unattractive.]
  • I burned dinner. >> [I am a failure.]


Try taking out the [ ].  Observe life as it is.  Love people as they are.  Love yourSELF as you are.

My beautiful friend Camy recently wrote this post about her journey as a fitness model and trainer who realized she is beautiful and valuable regardless of her body fat percentage.  It’s an important lesson as it applies to fitness, but also to life across the board.

Sometimes the waves come.  Sometimes they go.  Don’t judge the ocean.

Some days bring profound joy and happiness; some days bring unspeakable pain and confusion.  Don’t judge them.  There are lessons in both.


For C.S.  …Every time I can’t find my car keys, I’ll think of you and smile.


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