Well, Shit.  (When You’re Faced With the Same. Crap. Repeatedly.)

I know how to lose weight. 

That is, I know how to force it off of my body.  I’ve done it many, many times since middle school.  The process goes like this:

  1. Notice self gaining weight.
  2. Motivate self with negative talk.
  3. Punish self by cutting calories, cutting carbs, and beating body up at the gym.
  4. Lose weight.
  5. Feel exhausted, deprived, and depleted.  Gain weight back and return to step 1.


Ok, maybe it’s an effective-ish process.  The pounds come off, don’t they?  But how many times must we cycle through?  And at what cost to the metabolism, self-esteem, and psyche?  (Not to mention the new clothes budget…)  This is a very 1.0 way to deal with issues.  How to get it to stop?  Answer:  It takes the 2.0 version of lifestyle changes.



2.0 is when we step into our power.  Ask the tough questions.  Grab a shovel (maybe even a backhoe), and start digging through all our shit.

is losing weight (only to gain it back and then some).

2.0 is uncovering and dealing with the emotions that caused you to gain it in the first place.

1.0 is getting a massage (only to be sore in all the same spots in a few days).

2.0 is taking stock of which muscles are always tight and making changes to your movement patterns, posture, and workouts accordingly.

1.0 is getting out of an abusive relationship (only to end up with a new abuser – or even the same one again).

2.0 is digging deep to see what part of you allowed that relationship into your life.

Time to mix up a different milkshake honey.

1.0 is getting out of your comfort zone (only to hop right back in once it becomes unpleasant).

2.0 is analyzing why you crave security and a safety net so badly.

1.0 is smiling and nodding, grinning and bearing (only to find yourself overlooking the same discomfort time and time again).

2.0 is opening up to your partner/friend/parent about how you don’t see eye-to-eye on certain subjects.

1.0 is putting a band-aid over your gaping wound.

2.0 is cleaning, dressing, stitching it up, and allowing it to heal.

As you can see, 2.0 is more work and more time-consuming.  My wise friend Caroline always says, “You’ve got to sit in your own shit long enough for it to stink.”  In other words, you’ve got to get uncomfortable.  So uncomfortable that you no longer want the 1.0 quick-fix.  Because once you spend the time and energy to clean up and clear out, you’re shiny and new.  Free.


Also, I’ve had a long-time crush on Mike Rowe.  Seems relevant.



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